“The best questions to ask a laser or non-laser tattoo removal technician should be about the effectiveness of the procedure (how many treatments, what colors of ink can be removed), pain, scarring, and expense......Pam Neighbors

How to Get Rid of that Ugly Tattoo!

Watching the Real Housewives of Orange County YouTube video of Tamra Barney’s laser tattoo removal is like watching a root canal and expecting to be thrilled about going to the dentist. After screaming in pain and noticing the “horrible” smell (“like flesh burning”), she tells the audience that laser tattoo removal is “pure pain.” Yet, with a tattoo-sporting generation arriving at new phases in their lives, many people feel forced to submit to the multiple painful, expensive treatments that laser tattoo removal requires. Until now, laser has been the only answer for how to remove a tattoo.

The recent development of a breakthrough non-laser tattoo removal procedure, Tattoo Vanish™ , may be replacing laser techniques and making painful, expensive procedures obsolete. Using a salt-based product along with a specialized “needling” technique, the new technique alleviates fear of pain and costs far less than laser removal. It also avoids the scarring that can occur in some laser tattoo removal situations.

So how do you know if you are ready for tattoo removal, and which procedure is right for you?

Tattoo removal expert Pam Neighbors encourages her clients to answer four simple questions:
Jade - Tattoo Removal Client
Does your tattoo express who you are now?
The tattoo you were so proud of when you were in your teens, twenties, or denotes a love from the past, may remain a kinesthetic ghost of who you used to be rather than who you are now. Tattoo Removal expert, Pam Neighbors, claims that the majority of her non-laser tattoo removals symbolize former lives or are names of old boyfriends or spouses. “People need to grow as life changes. Yet, what amazes me most is that people still love tattoos as they move forward---they just don’t want “that” tattoo,” says Neighbors.

We change our hair, clothes, and even our cars to express who we want the world to see. A tattoo is a symbol that lives in our skin, the most personal expression of what we want people to know about us. An old tattoo can become a haunting from the past, and for many people, removing it celebrates who they have become.
Jade’s Story: When Removing a Tattoo Means Celebrating a New Life
Professional model Jade de Synadinos had the word “dangeous” (spelled wrong) tattooed into her shoulder with a homemade tattoo gun when she was 15. “I was a bit wild because I lived with a single mom. My dad had left when I was 13 and was struggling with drug use, so I couldn’t see him due to a restraining order. He would sneak into my basketball games, but between that tension and hanging out in a rural town where meth was the social thing to do, it was easy to get into drugs myself. Even though I loved my mom, she couldn’t control me.”

After Jade “ran-off” for some time, her mother remembered that she loved posing for pictures when she was a little girl. She offered Jade a second chance: Come back home, get clean, and she would pay for Jade to enter an upcoming national competition for a modeling contract. <read the rest of Jade's story>
Tattoo Removal for Employment
Is your tattoo preventing you from a career change or promotion?
In most people’s opinion, having a tattoo shouldn’t influence a job or military recruiter, but the reality is that many companies--- and even the Armed Services—have tattoo policies or at least “perceptions,” that might prevent you from applying or enlisting.

Even if you are hired or already enlisted, you might find a promotion denied due to an existing tattoo. For stressed job hunters on already tight budgets, non-laser tattoo removal now makes getting rid of a tattoo much more affordable and far less painful.
Amanda’s Story:
Amanda Porta had a ring tattooed on her finger during a Spring Fling break, never guessing that removing it years later would be one of the worst experiences of her life. “I was working in the beauty industry, and I wanted to move into management. I was going on job interviews with this ring tattoo, and it just didn’t look professional.

I knew that other methods of tattoo removal (fading creams) weren’t very effective, so I felt I had no other choice than laser removal.” Yet after four “intensely painful” laser treatments, Amanda was left with a faded but very noticeable ring tattoo still intact.

Tommy’s Story: Removing a Tattoo for the Armed Services
When 19-year-old Tommy Smith (not his real name) announced to his parents that he wanted to join the Armed Forces, they didn’t expect anything to stop him. “We are a military family,” explained his mother, Susan, “and though we never pressured him to serve, Tommy so looked up to the role models in his life.” Always 100 percent behind their son, the Smiths hired a tutor to help him pass the ASVAB test, paid for a small cataract to be removed from Tommy’s eye, and helped him train for the physical demands of boot camp.

“After everything we went through, we weren’t ready for a tattoo to prevent him from enlisting! We just freaked out,” said Susan.
<read the rest of Tommy's story>
Remove Bad Tattoos
Do you have a poorly done tattoo?
“So many people come to me with tattoos that were so far from what they asked for,” explains Pam, “Sometimes, it was obviously an inexperienced artist who did the work. Sometimes, it is was a huge misinterpretation of what they wanted. It just kills me when something that should have been a great experience for someone goes so wrong.”

The tattoo removal expert went on to say that some of the worst tattoos-gone-wrong are those done on the face: brows, lips, or eyeliner. These can leave a person self-conscious for many years. Fortunately, with the introduction of the new non-laser tattoo removal process, even permanent make-up tattooing can be removed and redone. Remove Tattoo
Tattoo Removal is Not Painful
Ask yourself, “What is stopping me from removing my tattoo?”
The Pain? (laser)
For people who are discouraged from getting their tattoo removed after watching videos of laser tattoo removal patients in real pain, the new non-laser tattoo removal offered by Trillium Ink offers a solution.

“There is no one screaming in pain here,” says Neighbors, “and no reason for them to do so. I am thrilled with the fact that I can help my clients get rid of horribly tattooed eyebrows, lips, and nasty tattoos without excruciating pain.”

Because special numbing techniques are applied first, and a patient is allowed to relax with these for an adequate amount of time, patients have described the new non-laser tattoo removal process with a range of responses from “easy breezy,” to “like getting a regular tattoo.” Compared with the descriptions of laser tattoo removal as “pure pain” (Tamra Barney) and “like hot grease being poured on you,” (Amanda Porta), discovering the new non-laser tattoo removal process is a relief for many.
The Expense?
Although laser tattoo removal may seem comparable to non-laser tattoo removal, there are often hidden costs with the laser procedure. “As someone who works in the cosmetics and plastic surgery industry,” says Amanda Porta, “I really want people to know that when they are told that laser tattoo removal should take off a tattoo in four treatments, they very often mean twice that many, and the costs can be enormous.”

According to a recent article in U.S. News and World Report, 45 million people in the U.S. have at least one tattoo and at least half of those people will want a tattoo removed. With the tattoo removal industry pulling in over $600 million, clients may expect laser removal of a business card sized tattoo to range from $3,000 to $4,000. (Kilmer, S.L., MD. (2008). Tattoo Lasers. Medscape Reference}

Porta recommends questioning the tattoo practitioners thoroughly and Neighbors recommends asking to see “before and after” pictures with clearly designated treatment stages below them. The non-tattoo removal process performed by Neighbors usually takes half the number of treatments as laser. “I saw more results on my tattoo in just one visit than in seven laser treatments,” claims Porta, and the majority of clients we interviewed who have had both procedures agree.
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