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A New NON-LASER Technique for Tattoo Removal & Lightening is Now Available!

At its best tattoo art can be the most meaningful way of expressing what is important to you.  The recent development of permanent make-up and camouflage tattooing have expanded tattooing in ways not previously imaginable. But how do you get rid of a bad tattoo?

Our Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Process is superior to other methods because:

  • It is far less expensive than laser tattoo removal
  • It requires fewer treatments than laser tattoo removal
  • It is less painful than laser tattoo removal
  • It will remove any color. Laser tattoo removal is not as effective in removing some colors of ink.

How Do You Remove a Tattoo? Or What Methods are Available for Tattoo Removal?

UNTIL NOW - only laser removal, a costly and painful treatment, has been even minimally effective in removing tattoos. Yet, what happens when a tattoo no longer says who you are, or worse, when it doesn’t turn out as you anticipated?
Remove Tattoo - Is It Painful?
Many people who have had laser tattoo removal before they tried Tattoo Vanish™ Tattoo Removal Process describe the laser removal as ten times more painful than this new breakthrough process.
Remove Tattoo - Expensive?
The Tattoo Vanish™ Removal Process is 50 to 70 percent less expensive than laser tattoo removal. Most tattoos appear lighter in one treatment.
How Long Will It Take to Remove a Tattoo?
You will notice significant results within a few treatments. This process usually removes the tattoo or permanent make-up (eyebrows, lips) in 50 to 70 percent less time than other methods. Each situation will be different.

The depth of the ink and the type of skin all have an impact on the result.
Is it safe?
Clients are screened to see if they are good candidates for the procedure. Although anytime there has been alteration to the skin (as in the original tattoo) there are risks of scarring.

Pam is trained in the highest level of care and safety. Any risks can be reduced by accurately following aftercare instructions.
How do I start?
Your first appointment is a consultation to evaluate your tattoo or permanent make-up. We will explain the procedure, answer all of your questions, and take your medical history.

If we feel you are a good candidate. we will approximate your time and costs. We want to remove your unwanted tattoo as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

No Lasers Used Here!

Lasers use pulses of light to break up tattoo ink. Laser tattoo removal will render various results, depending on the type of laser being used and have a tendancy to leave scars.

Laser tattoo removal may replace the tattoo with a pale, lingering ghost image.

With painful laser tattoo removal, there can be a degree of scarring. The laser can kill the melanin in your skin, resulting in a lack of pigmentation where the old tattoo used to exist.

I once observed the case of a young man with red hair---and the sensitive skin that goes with it—with the fuzzy white shadow of a leopard where he had his original tattoo removed by laser.

It was not the result he hoped for! The choice to try laser tattoo removal left him no option but to tattoo over the same space again, costing him even more than the expensive and painful laser removal sessions.

The needling process, by contrast,used in non-laser tattoo removal only perforates the epidermis, leaving enough tissue to completely heal within six to eight weeks, therefore the skin heals completely without scarring.

The Tattoo Vanish™ tattoo removal process leaves the epidermis structurally sound like the palette of a new canvas. As the pictures on this website demonstrate, tattooing over the site is possible but not necessary. Remove Tattoo / Tattoo Removal
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